2022 AS and USU election results


Carolyn Burt

Illustration: 2022 AS/USU election results.

Pablo Orihuela, Assistant News Editor

Shayan Mostael and Eden Shashoua were elected on Wednesday night to be the Associated Students president and vice president, respectively, for the 2022-2023 academic year. They ran unopposed.

President-elect Moshtael and vice president-elect Shashoua ran under the Matadors Assemble slate. Almost every winner for the AS election ran under Matadors Assemble with just four who ran as independents.

Nearly all of the candidates were uncontested except for those who ran for lower division senator and senator for the college of social and behavioral sciences.

The winners of the AS and University Student Union Board of Directors elections were announced through Instagram live events this year, with both groups’ Instagram pages holding their own livestreams.

The full list of winners, their slates and their vote totals are as follows:

AS Election Results

President and Vice President
Shayan Moshtael and Eden Shashoua (1484)
Matadors Assemble

Graduate Senators
Minely Moradian (135)
Matadors Assemble

Raphael Lee (73)
Matadors Assemble

Upper Division Senators
Josie Anderson (589)
Matadors Assemble

Paige Hajiloo (489)
Matadors Assemble

Lower Division Senators
Leslie Ponce (190)

Katie Karroum (170)
Matadors Assemble

Senators for the College of Arts, Media and Communication
Mitul Kalra (191)

Matthew Kadach (72)

Senators for the College of Business and Economics
Justin Tolchinsky (181)
Matadors Assemble

Nathan Dunne (101)
Matadors Assemble

Senators for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Teresa Ramirez (168)
Matadors Assemble

Jasmin Hernandez Giles (156)

Senator for the College of Humanities
Allison Walker (104)
Matadors Assemble

Senator for the College of Science and Math
Mayra Villafuerte (142)

USU Board of Directors Election Results

Gisselle Olmedo Torres (891)
Christopher Aldana (468)
Daniel Moreno (443)
Abhishek Tiwari (322)
Adrian Hernandez (283)