AS meeting focuses on computer science department survey


Vince Vitela

Sundial File Photo: A snapshot from the Associated Students meeting on May 2, 2022, in the CSUN University Student Union in Northridge, Calif.

Vince Vitela, Reporter

Complaints from seniors, and some instructors, in CSUN’s Department of Computer Science surfaced at the open forum portion of Monday’s Associated Students meeting.

Sam Livesay, a senior computer science major, conducted a survey consisting of 39 computer science seniors, and a few instructors within the department, and presented the report to AS. There are currently 285 seniors who are majoring in computer science, according to the department.

All of the respondents remained anonymous.

A majority of the seniors that were surveyed said that they did not feel prepared to enter the workforce now that they are about to obtain their degrees, citing a lack of transferable job skills. They also said that they feel the department does not provide help with resume building or give much information on recruitment opportunities.

“The opportunities for [computer science] and tech jobs are heavily increasing and I think CSUN needs to do a better job at preparing its future [computer science] students for those jobs,” one response read. “I feel like most of us will go into the field unprepared with a lot of imposter syndrome.”

Some of the students, and one professor, claimed that the program is not properly modernized.

“[The program] is living in the past, [it] needs to get with the times,” said an instructor’s response. “I think I’m the only professor that knows how to run game engines.”

Some of the computer science professors who responded to the survey said that the problems lie within leadership and upper administration.

Another professor claimed that the administration wants the department to succeed and is actively working to improve funding, but said that it is difficult to keep up with a consistent curriculum as the school is having a hard time hiring full-time faculty members to keep up with rising enrollment numbers.

At the end of the report, Livesay requested AS hold the computer science department accountable for their alleged shortcomings for future computer science majors at CSUN.

The Sundial contacted the department for a comment on this report. They responded by saying they have not seen it.


  • AS voted to approve the establishment of community libraries in the University Village apartments. 
  • AS voted to approve the establishment and creation of a Veterans Memorial.
  • AS voted to approve the establishment of a Transfer Resource Center for transfer students. 
  • AS voted to approve the expanding of native plant and tree species on campus.
  • AS voted to approve the inclusion of more microwaves on campus.
  • AS voted to approve the recommendation to bring back electric bikes on campus. AS is in talks with the transportation department about using electric bikes from the company Wheels. 
  • AS voted to approve the University Affairs Committee’s recommendation to implement a uniform permission code process and form so there is a more streamlined process for students needing a code to get off a waitlist and enroll in a class. 
  • AS voted to approve the University Affairs Committee’s recommendation to facilitate voting re-registration for students in student housing to make it easier for students living in housing to be eligible to vote. 
  • AS voted to approve the transfer of $27,778 from the corporate reserves account to CSUN’s Children’s Center to account for their loss of revenue.