Final countdown…Pauley takes the cracker

Alonso Tacanga

So as expected the Matadors were no match for the Bruins. UCLA used CSUN as a slump-buster after falling to Texas last Thursday, and opening the season with two quick defeats. This highlights a Bruin weekend that was filled with defeats.

Their women’s soccer team fell to North Carolina in the NCAA semifinals. And of course, the Trojans once again beat down the inferior football Bruins. Well, at least they have have a football team that loses.

It’s kind of sad that the CSUN women’s basketball team that won one game all last season now has the same number of victories as a men’s team that was picked to finish first in the Big West.  The women won their first game of the year earlier today at The Matadome. So I guess all is not bad in Matador Nation.

Final score here. 85-67. I guess the fans lost out on their free tacos.

Goodnight. And good luck to the now 1-6 Matadors for the rest of the season.