Different course options increase student choice


William Franco Espinosa

The audience listens to the 10th annual Banned Books Readout event at CSUN on Sept. 29, 2022, in Northridge, Calif. The event was dubbed “Belonging on the Shelf,” and was the first in-person return of the series since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jasmine Cuza, Managing Editor

CSUN offers five types of classes to accommodate their students’ varying lifestyles and schedules: traditional, fully online, campus online, hybrid and HyFlex. This article serves as a brief explainer as to what each type of class is, and what they offer to students.

What is a traditional class?
Traditional classes offer students class sessions that take place completely on campus. A traditional class uses web-based tools, like Canvas, to enhance the learning experience. Canvas can be used to keep assignments, syllabuses, quizzes, exams and discussions all in one place. According to the CSUN class catalog, there are 2,433 traditional classes this fall semester.

What is a fully online class?
A fully online class is presented completely online. Quizzes, discussions and other assignments are all done online. Professors are expected to list the days and times of all online meetings. According to the CSUN class catalog, there are currently 316 fully online classes this semester with no set meetings, and 283 with set times and dates.

What is a campus online class?
Campus online courses offer students classes in an online environment, but they may also have scheduled in-person meetings. Any in-person meetings are usually for quizzes, exams, presentations and orientations. Just like fully online classes, professors may offer set meeting times. In fall 2022, CSUN is offering 28 campus online classes.

What is a hybrid class?
A hybrid class is a course in which students attend half of the classes online and the other half in person. Professors are required to announce on-campus meeting times and dates. Coursework can be done either inside the classroom or online. This semester there are 264 hybrid classes being taught.

What is a HyFlex class?
HyFlex classes, short for “hybrid flexible,” are a new course type that was introduced at CSUN as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This course combines face-to-face and online learning together, as each of the class sessions are offered in person, synchronously online, and asynchronously online all at once. These options allow students to decide how they want to attend class.

HyFlex classes are a way for CSUN to slowly transition back to in-person learning, and to accommodate students who do not feel comfortable returning back to campus. There are currently 18 HyFlex classrooms on campus. For the fall 2022 semester, only 15 of them will be used.