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Soul band shows honesty, passion through their music

Although most artists try to portray honesty and truth in their music, the band Like Trains and Taxis takes this one step further in their blog. They started it to gain a rapport and provide fans and potential fans with a way to see and understand them, but also to document their journey and market their music.

“I follow what I’ve seen other people do as far as giving insight into what we are and we’re doing to,” said vocalist and blogger Chris Harris. “It’s cool being on the road and going to these different places and trying to experience what’s unique about them and that’s the experience we’re really excited about. Personally I’m becoming more comfortable with the [blogging] process and it will eventually work for us because it will be honest and sincere and it will be a true reflection of who we are and that can’t be anything but positive.”

The blog is a place of reflection and representation for Like Trains and Taxis. The band decided it was the right choice to reflect their personality.

“It is an extension of ourselves and expression of ourselves,” Harris said. “You can do a video and throw it on the blog. You’re doing [it] because you want to do it and want to share; it’s not an obligation. It can be and should be an expression of each of us as individuals: who we are and what we’re like as a group.”

Beginning in November 2007, Harris along with guitarist Owen Susman and drummer Mike Del Priore began Like Trains and Taxis in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Soon after they began doing short weekend tours where they would drive to nearby states in there mid 90’s Honda station wagon.

“[It was] the three of us and we crammed all our stuff in there, including luggage,” Harris said. “We were proud of ourselves to being able to pack in the small car.”

Harris said in his opinion Like Trains and Taxis could be considered indie soul.

“The soul aspect really comes from my singing and indie symbolizes lots of things,” he said. “Not just sound but to a certain degree it suggests (to) take it as (independent of it’s) roots. Whatever you think soul music is, we like to think that we’re an extension of that modern concept.”

Starting November 1, Like Trains and Taxis began a three-week long tour that would take them all over the country. They upgraded from their Honda to a minivan. Harris said although the tour is exciting, driving all over the country is daunting.

“To think about the whole land mass of the country, you’re pretty much doing that loop,” he said. “You’re going down to New Orleans and you go all the way across and your in California and you’re riding up the Pacific Ocean to get to Washington and you’re crossing through the Dakotas to get to Minnesota and then back up to Chicago.”

This tour has been centered on forming relationships, honesty and interaction. The band has been staying with friends and other people who have offered their couches. It has given them the opportunity to see different cities from a resident’s perspective.

“If you’re lucky, you get the opportunity to hang out with someone who knows the area and create a deeper relationship to the place with that person. We’ve been hanging out with people and playing well. The main thing is being able to interact with people in the area,” Hams said.

Like Trains and Taxis will be performing on November 11 at 10 p.m. at Molly Malones. Their show brings a true and sincere love for their music, Harris said.

“We do our best to let the passion that we have for our music and the passion that exists in our come through uninhibited,” he said. “I like to become the people in the song. To deliver it back to the place that I was when I wrote it, all the emotions, thoughts that exist in the moment for the audience. Our music tends to groove too, people can dance and have a good time,” Ham said.

Not only is Like Trains and Taxis performing at Molly Malones, they have also released a digital EP. You can find out more about their music at and see their blog at

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