Gwar show brings intergalactic metal

Marla Schevker

Although many people have very serious jobs, none are more imperative to the survival of the human race than Oderus Urungus. Not only is he the lead vocalist of the intergalactic metal bad Gwar but he is also a bestial overlord from outer space. Himself and the other members of Gwar are not only charged with making good music but also saving the earth from intergalactic domination, most recently Cardinal Sin.

“Cardinal Sin, the latest intergalactic [villain] will be appearing during a concert where just coincidently we’re playing,” Urungus said. “The human race will be able to enjoy the show and fight for their own survival.”

Gwar will be performing at the Sunset House of Blues on Monday, Nov. 16 at 8:00 p.m..

“Its not just a rock show that you can enjoy its almost like a civic duty,” Urungus said. “We’re going to need to get everyone down there or there’s a good chance that cardinal sin can take over and that wouldn’t be very fun.”

The band got their start 25 years ago. Urungus and his intergalactic overlord friends had all been hanging around each other for a long time and ultimately there wasn’t anything left they hadn’t experience.

“We’ve done just about everything that brothers can do together,” he said. “We got drunk, we discovered drugs, we waged war and we had sex; not with each other at least that I know of. It seemed that getting a heavy metal band together was an appropriate thing to do. It befitted our nature: loud, heavy and metal.”

As much fun as Gwar has had together, they are glad to be back on Earth. It may not have always been their favorite planet but now Urungus said they love it.

“My favorite place to play in the entire universe is Skumdoggia,” he said. “Unfortunately the intergalactic robot has conquered [the] land and has turned it into fuzzy dumpling land. Earth is our favorite place to play now. After all earth is one of the only places in the galaxy where you can find crack cocaine.”

Urungus said he does not doubt the survival of humans because he will work hard to save them.

“I take my job very seriously,” he said. “There are not a lot of intergalactic rock gods hanging around and I want the human race to know I’m not going to let you down. Come out to the show and fight for the survival for the human race and get a copy of our new album. Prepare to worship the mighty Gwar.”Gwar show brings intergalactic metal