Brief: CSUN closes campus following possible threat of firearm

Ashley Sanchez, Reporter

The CSUN Department of Police Services released an announcement Friday afternoon on the CSUN website, Facebook and Twitter notifying students, faculty and staff about a potential threat of a firearm on campus. 

CSUN released a notification on their Twitter and Facebook page on June 9 advising those on campus about the potential threat.

Staff and faculty were also notified about the threat via email.

In the announcement banner, CSUN advised anyone on campus to either leave the area immediately or to shelter in place.

While CSUN police services noted that the threat was not verified, they advised the public to stay away from campus until further notice.

At 4:55 p.m. on Friday, an update was posted on the CSUN homepage by DPS stating that there was no longer a threat and the campus was clear.

The Student Recreation Center at CSUN released a notification on the SRC app on Friday evening stating that they would be closed early.

The Student Recreation Center also notified students via the CSUN SRC app that they would be closed early Friday evening.

No further details have been released.