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Jewish immigration lawyer


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Whether you are interested in making aliyah to Israel or in obtaining foreign citizenship as an Israeli, a Jewish immigration lawyer can help you achieve your goals. Each one of these processes requires having an extensive knowledge of an array of laws, and a skilled and professional lawyer will be able to guide in every step of the way.  

In this article, we will review the various ways in which a Jewish immigration lawyer can help you in your endeavors. We will review the different laws and eligibility laws so that you will have all of the information you require to get started with the right process.

Our offices in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv specialize in all things immigration, including the process of making aliyah and obtaining foreign citizenship for Jews. If you are looking for a professional lawyer to help make your process easier, you have come to the right place. 

How can you make Aliyah?

The state of Israel was established to provide the Jewish people with a place where they can be safe and be a part of a Jewish community. To ensure that every Jew can be a part of Israel, the Israeli government established the Law of Return in 1950. The law states that every Jew is entitled to make aliyah to Israel, meaning they can become Israeli citizens on the basis of them being a part of the Jewish people. 

There are essentially two ways in which people from the Jewish Diaspora can make aliyah. The first option is to make aliyah from a foreign country. This process requires submitting documents proving the Jewish origins to The Jewish Agency for Israel. If the documents provide adequate proof, the requester will receive an aliyah permit. The permit will allow for a date for coming to Israel to be set, and the requesters will receive pre-paid plane tickets to Israel. The Jewish Agency for Israel will inform the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration about the date of arrival. 

Another option to make aliyah to Israel is by coming to Israel as a tourist first and making aliyah from within Israel. This process entails changing the status from a tourist to an oleh or a new immigrant. To make aliyah, the requester will need to present the request to the Ministry of Interior. This process also requires presenting documents proving Jewish origins and other required documents. 

Both of the aliyah processes do not require any fee payments, as the Israeli government wishes to encourage Jews to come and reside in Israel. Those making aliyah will receive a Sal Klita – financial assistance to allow for a smoother integration. This includes free-of-charge classes to learn the Hebrew language. 

The process of making aliyah requires presenting translated documents and finding adequate proof of relation to the Jewish religion. A Jewish immigration lawyer will be able to assist you with gathering all the relevant documents and translating them, to ensure that your request for aliyah will be approved with no delay. 

Jewish immigration lawyer – help with obtaining foreign citizenships

It is a well-known fact that throughout the decades Jest have been persecuted around the world. That is why many countries are offering Jews the opportunity to obtain foreign citizenship. Countries such as Germany and Austria, where many Jews perished and have been persecuted during the second world war, have established laws to allow for the descendants of former citizens or residents to obtain citizenship. 

German citizenship for Jews

The German citizenship law enables the descendants of former German citizens and residents to obtain citizenship. Those who are the descendants of former citizens are entitled to submit a request for citizenship to the Department of Citizenship in Cologne. 

Those who are the descendants of Jews who lived in Germany before 1933 without obtaining citizenship, and fled Germany after the Nazis rose to power, may receive German citizenship as well. 

The process of requesting German citizenship requires gathering documentation proving the eligibility of the applicants. Furthermore, the documentation that is not written in German must be translated and approved by a notary, and get an apostille stamp. 

With a Jewish immigration lawyer, you will be able to conduct a much more streamlined process. Our firm’s lawyers are experts on the matter and can guide you through the process in the most professional way, to ensure optimal chances for the request to get approved. 

Austrian citizenship for Jews

Austria played a major role in the second world war as well. Many Jews who were citizens of the country were denied their citizenship and had to flee to other countries. In an attempt to rectify the damage, Austria allows the descendants of Austrian Jews to receive Austrian citizenship. 

The conditions for obtaining Austrian citizenship are that the requestors must be descendants of former Austrian citizens who left Austria before 1955. The descendants of stateless Jews who resided in Austria, and fled before 1955, are eligible to receive citizenship as well. The descendants of Jews who were murdered in Austria between 1933-1945 are also eligible for citizenship. 

The process of obtaining Austrian citizenship is quite similar to the German process. There is also a need to show documents proving eligibility. Our law firm aids clients to find all of the relevant documents, translating them into German, and approving them by a notary, as well as getting an apostille stamp. With the help of a Jewish immigration lawyer, you will be able to ensure the submission of a coherent and clear request, which in turn will increase the chance for success. 

Get in touch with our experts

Our law firm specializes in different fields of Jewish immigration. Whether you are looking to make aliyah to Israel or you are interested in obtaining foreign citizenship, we can use our expertise to help you. 

Each process involves different laws and protocols, and we make it our mission to educate ourselves constantly to ensure that we give our clients a quality service. If you require the help of a Jewish immigration lawyer, contact our experts, and we will be delighted to assist you. 

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