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‘New Moon’ premiered with a record success

For Twilighters, Nov. 20 couldn’t come any sooner as “New Moon” premiered with a smashing record of $72.2 million. Anticipation built as die-hard fans gathered outside movie theaters days before it was shown.

The movie opens with Bella’s 18th birthday. Despite Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) reluctance of not mentioning her age or even enjoying the fact that she is now able to do whatever she wants to do, Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) family throws her a party. There Bella is attacked by Edward’s brother (Jasper).

Not being able to protect Bella, Edward decides to leave with his family, leaving her. Bella is left heartbroken, lost, and deeply saddened by the fact that the love of her life has left her. The one man who took her breath away has left her behind and has left her with a hole so deep inside of her heart that she can literally feel physical pain.

Months go by and Bella just sits by her window. Waiting and waiting. Will Edward ever come back? Bella then realizes that the only way she can see, hear, and feel Edward is by placing herself in danger.

Wanting some kind of comfort, Bella goes to her best friend Jacob (Taylor Launter). However, Jacob hides a deep secret.

Automatically we can see Jacob’s love for Bella. But Jacob is one complicated teenager as well. Not only is this a “Romeo and Juliet” love story but also it’s a love story of wanting someone who is bad for you.

For me, the “Twilight” saga has proven to be more of a love story than a battle between good and evil. It reminds me of “Romeo and Juliet.” A forbidden love that not only makes the couple want more, but drives them to do unthinkable things, in order to keep the person they love by their side.

Throughout the movie, I felt there was a thin line between love and selfishness. A love so great that seems selfish, loving someone so much that you would leave them.

Besides the battle that takes place between Edward and the Volturi, the movie deals with the emotions and questions that everyone deals with when they are caught in the middle of two great loves. Both filled with complications and dangers. Which one do you chose?

After watching the movie, there’s one question I have. Do “Twilight” fans watch the movie for the complicated love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob or is it to see the hunky men that play these characters?

Frankly, I wanted to see Edward step up to the plate. I hate that fragile and sensitive character. I want Edward to have what Jacob has, inner strength. The guy that shows up when you’re in trouble, picks you up, throws you over his shoulder, and runs. I want Edward to be that guy that fights for the girl he loves, instead of running away from the problem.

Other things that borthered me as a fan of vampire and werewolf movies, was the fact that there’s no fangs, no drinking blood. And yes vampires are pale, but I think the makeup person got a little to heavy on the white with Edward.

I didn’t like the fact that the movie doesn’t stick to the traditional myth of vampires burning in day light. What’s up with the shimmering glitter when they’re in the light?

Secondly, I wanted to see a werewolf transforming like the one we see in “American Werewolf in London,” instead of someone running and changing in midair into a werewolf that looks more like a dog. Since Jacob is tough and buff, I was excepting to see a full transformation; hair and nails growing, bones readjusting, and body morphing into a wolf slowly. The special effects were too computerized and the wolves could have looked more realistic.

I want to point out that a good portion of the movie, I was dizzy.  There’s a scene where the camera is spiraling downward and I had to close my eyes because I felt like I was the one spiraling down. The way the camera sways back and forth, like a swing, made me very quizzy.

All in all, the movie is OK, however, it’s dangerously close from going from a love story that makes you want to be Bella, to a story that’s predictable and corny. I do feel it appeals more to tweens and teenagers and I’m far away from those years. Maybe it’s the fact that I have grown out of that ‘prince charming’ idea and I’m more cynical now.

But to the fans, the ending rises more questions. Will Bella’s desire of becoming a vampire be granted by Edward finally? Are Bella and Edward staying together? Who is the right man for Bella: Edward or Jacob? Is there a possible marriage? Although the readers of the book already know, it will be interesting to see how and if it transitions to the big screen.

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