Furlough days on Thanksgiving week

Michelle Nelson

What would have been a two-day Thanksgiving break may have turned into a week-long vacation since many professors have decided to take furlough days this week due to the holiday.

Molly Nguyen, administrative assistant for the Asian American Studies department said that so far, nine professors have taken furloughs this week. The department has 15 professors total, she said.

In the sociology department, Herman DeBose said a “significant number” of professors have taken furloughs this week, although he does not have an exact number.

DeBose said he realized that Thanksgiving is this week  and “should have taken a furlough myself.”

However, in the financial aid department, Armenka Khashmanyan, assistant director of financial aid counseling services, said that many of the staff in the department do not take furloughs on the same day.

“We coordinate so that the staff rotate days off,” she said. “We try to make accommodations to people’s schedules, but right now, we are concentrating on core priorities.”

The biggest impact the furloughs have had overall, Khashmanyan said, is that the department had to “scale back on outreach activities.”