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Filling a void through faith: Ekemini Uwan shares her journey with Matadors

Alumna Ekemini Uwan joined Matadors on Feb. 22 for an Essential Talk in the Northridge Center at the University Student Union.

Essential Talks was created after the passing of George Floyd as a reminder for communities to do better regarding anti-black attitudes. The theme of this Essential Talk was based on daring to dream as well as shifting priorities. It featured Uwan, who is an author, human rights activist, and co-host of the award-winning podcast, “Truth’s Table.”

Growing up, Uwan was surrounded by loved ones who righteously portrayed faith in a genuine manner. To Uwan, that meant that how her grandmother and parents carried themselves in church was how they conducted themselves at home. This inspired her to seek an important connection during her senior year at CSUN.

“It became really important for me to have a connection with my creator, who’s in my faith the Lord Jesus Christ, and so because I was feeling really empty, I was doing what you normally do, partying; doing what college students do,” Uwan shared.

At the time, not only was Uwan seeking a connection with her Creator, but she was also trying to fill a void she felt. That was, until she joined Hopes House Christian Ministries, which at the time was located in Van Nuys but now resides in Granada Hills. This ultimately changed the course of her life.

Not only did Uwan find a connection with her faith at Hopes House Christian Ministries, but she also met her mentor, Stefnie Evans.

“I met her when I was a senior in college. She has been my mentor,” Uwan said. “She’s really been a spiritual guide for me since then, for 20 whole years.”

Being surrounded by several positive role models and influential individuals in her life has contributed greatly to her spiritual journey and values.

As an international human rights activist, Uwan strives to fight for the rights of individuals, predominantly those of African descent who experience injustices.

“I take that from my own faith. I do believe that every human being is made in the image of God. That means that every single human being has dignity and worth as well as value,” Uwan shared. “They are to be honored and to be respected and they have been endowed with rights, a right to freedom, to exercise their agency, and a right to flourish and to thrive.”

Aside from Uwan being an active advocate, she also covers various topics regarding colorism in the book she co-wrote, “Truth’s Table: Black Women’s Musings on Life, Love, and Liberation.”

In the chapter “The Audacious Perseverance of Colorism,” Uwan expands on colorism historically and shares her personal experience with readers. However, she makes it clear that the objective of addressing this hard topic is not to create severance within the Black community, but to instead state facts regarding colorism.

During an interview with Uwan, she shared that something she hopes resonates with readers is the correlation between the topics she covers in the book and the Bible.

“I really want people to know, who is this liberating God that she’s talking about that has something to say about all of these topics,” Uwan said. “If they’ve had bad experiences within the church, that they have a curiosity to learn more about Jesus on their own terms.”

The book was essentially created with the same purpose and theme as the podcast, which first aired in March 2017, uncoincidentally aligning with Women’s History Month. The podcast weighs in on difficult but true concerns as well as issues of Black women and Christian women. Not only does the podcast delve deep into these topics, but it also emphasizes that silence is not the answer. Uwan shared how pivotal it is for the podcast to take the mic and for the hosts to share what they have to say about race, gender, racism and politics. Right now, season 8 of “Truth’s Table” is in the works.

“God speaks through us as women to convey those messages,” Uwan said.

During the Essential Talk with Matadors, they were reminded of what it takes to dream.

Black History Month is typically when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream speech is most prominently referenced because of how influential he was and continues to be for the Black community. Uwan highlighted that King was killed because he had more than dreams; he had a plan. She urged everyone to remember the blueprint Dr. King left behind through his advocacy, accomplishments, and milestones.

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