Disney’s ‘Old Dogs’ perfect for the family and holidays

Christine Chen

Disney’s “Old Dogs” is a fun-filled movie the whole family can enjoy. With an all-star cast that includes John Travolta, Robin Williams, Kelly Preston, Seth Green and Lori Loughlin.

The movie takes place in New York City, where two best friends who have grown up together and formed a business partnership are hit with an unexpected surprise. The two are placed with the care of two 7-year-old twins while on the verge of the biggest business deal of their entire careers. With emotions running high, the two friends lean on each other for support.

The movie is great for a younger audience, but fails to deliver a real substantial plot. The timing and conflict are all very predictable and easy. At times the movie can be a bit over the top and cheesy. Its style is very “Disney,” so do not expect too much.

The highlight of the movie was Seth Green’s performance. He was just plain funny without even having to try very hard. The gorilla enclosure was my favorite part of the movie.

Overall, the movie was not too shabby. It will make you laugh but just do not expect too much from it. It is perfect for the holidays because it is an easy and humorous family movie that everyone can enjoy. The selection of the cast was perfect because all the characters complemented each other very well.

Disney’s “Old Dogs” is rated PG and is one hour and 28 minutes.