Matadors NCAA Tournament Gameday live from KC

Alonso Tacanga

The day is here. #15 Northridge takes on #2 Memphis at 9:25 a.m. PT. Please keep in mind these live updates are posted in central time so while the game starts at 11:25 a.m. CT here in Kansas City, it’s 9:25 a.m. in the Pacific zone.

11:20 a.m. CT: The Matadors come on the court as their fans cheer, but the Tigers come out at the same time and their multiple-flag-carrying supporters get in the way of CSUN.

Starting lineups announced: CSUN goes with Mark Hill, Rob Haynes, Willie Galick, Kenny Daniels and Tremaine Townsend.

Memphis has Shawn Taggart, Robert Dozier, Antonio Anderson, Tyreke Evans and Doneal Mack.

Game time.

11:12 a.m. CT: The anthem was played by the Memphis band. There’s support for the Matadors at the Sprint Center beyond the CSUN band and the cheerleaders, but there is definitely more Tigers’ blue around the arena.

There are fans wearing Kansas gear as well. Maybe they’ll join the CSUN bandwagon in hope of an upset.

10:53 a.m. CT: CSUN was on shootaround a few minutes earlier. Then Memphis came out and the Matadors went back in (funny thing, CSUN JUST came back out again).

It’s just the Matadors warming up on the court now. Center Xavier Crawford’s family made the trip and had a special cheer for him as he trotted out. Crawford’s all smiles.

And for once the Matador band doesn’t seem outnumbered. The Memphis group has about the same amount of players.

Twenty minutes till tip-off.

10:16 a.m. CT: The Matadors are in their locker room at the Sprint Center probably getting the best pep talk Head Coach Bobby Braswell has ever given them. Members of the media have assembled throughout the court already. The Daily Sundial’s seat is on the side where CBS cameras will be stationed while broadcasting the game.

The Tigers are also here.

9:00 a.m. CT: The Matadors’ bus is scheduled for departure to the two-minutes-away Sprint Center at 9:45 a.m. CT. People are moving around all over the hotel halls. CSUN fans better hope their team got a minute’s sleep last night.