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Stonefeather Rocks Molly Malone’s

The rain poured down outside Molly Malone’s Irish Pub last Thursday night, however that did not stop Stonefeather fans from coming out to celebrate the release of their 5-track EP “Responsible.”

The crowd was unexpected, but the weather played no part in interrupting the party. Before the band came on, everyone mingled and anticipation filled the air.

As I eavesdropped into conversations, comments like, “This band is great live!” and “Have you ever heard them play before?” filled the air. I had a feeling that they knew they were in for a good time.

It was their first gig at Molly Malone’s, but one would never be able to tell by the cheers heard when Stonefeather took to the stage. They begin their show by throwing out free CD’s into the audience. Everyone politely grabbed one, as did I.

The comfort the band had on stage was instantly noticeable — and as soon as they began to play, their passion shined through the music. It’s hard to believe that they only began playing together in February 2008.

As the show went on, the band made their show memorable by telling the audience what the songs were about and sometimes repeating the lyrics of a chorus so others could sing along.

“This song is about me and my younger brother, losing our mother at a young age,” said lead vocalist and guitarist, Ian Thomas, before performing “The Only Son.”

In between the show, the band stopped playing for a toast to their new EP and hoped that everyone would take one and give it to their friends, as people begin to grab the CDs.

It was at that time that Zach Kibbee, vocalist and bassist took the time to make known that he had just gotten a new tattoo on his shoulder. Of course people from the audience yelled for him to show it.

Kibbee did not hesitate to remove his shirt to reveal a tattoo of the face of Flea, of the rock band “Red Hot Chili Peppers.” Laughs and some shock came from the crowd, but Kibbee didn’t mind as he kept his shirt off for the rest of the show.

When Thomas announced they would be performing “Waves” off of their old 8-track EP, people got up to dance and drinks begin to pop up through the crowd.

The diversity in the music is what kept the show alive. Some songs are slow and pleasing to kick back and groove to. Others make you want to get up and dance. There was also a slow sexy tune which inspired a couple from the crowd to take it to the middle of the floor for some dirty dancing. It was highly entertaining and encouraged others to get up and do the same.

Stonefeather ended the show with a song called “Mountains,” in which Thomas told his fans to sing along with, and they did, and I did too, because by this time I was one of them.

At the end of the show, Thomas played his guitar behind his back and over his head, his riffs were amazing and well worth seeing.

If you ever get a chance to check out Stonefeather please do. For a list of upcoming shows go to

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