Musical pundits on Capitol Hill

Stephanie Bermudez

Musical comedy "Capitol Steps," takes swings at both sides of the political spectrum. Photo Courtesy of Valley Performing Arts Center.

After trying for years to get them to come to CSUN, “Capitol Steps” will be performing at the Plaza del Sol Performance Hall on Saturday, Feb. 13.

“‘Capitol Steps’ is a musical and comedy group in which they use song parodies and skits to satirize American politics,” said Pamela Bock, Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications of the Valley Performing Arts Center. “Almost all cast members are former or current Capitol Hill staffers.”

Bock said “Capitol Steps” has been a sensation in Washington for more than 20 years.

“Their unique brand of humor satirizes both sides of the aisle. We believe CSUN students will appreciate their off-beat perspective,” she said.

“We are excited to encourage conversation and debate, as well as entertainment, with this performance.”

Therri Donnelly, Marketing and Community Outreach Liaison of the performance hall, said students can look forward to a really different night of comedy, where the performers sing their political barbs.

“We love political humor at CSUN, and after a few years of bringing ‘Second City’ to the Plaza del Sol Performance Hall, we were able to make the schedule work for ‘Capitol Steps’ this year,” she said. “We’ve been trying to arrange for ‘Capitol Steps’ to come for years.”

Donnelly said she looks forward to watching “Capitol Steps.” “Personally, I am a huge fan of ‘Capitol Steps,’ ‘Second City,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and even a man whom you used to see on PBS years ago, Mark Russell, a satirist who also used song parody in his political stings,” she said.

“This brings a bit of nostalgia, as this form of comedy was so popular with my generation during the 70’s and 80’s.”

Junior English major, Andrea Williams, 19, already purchased her “Capitol” Steps ticket and plans to go with her mother.

“My mom read somewhere that they were going to be at CSUN and said she wanted to go,” she said. “She said the show would be funny and I’m always up for a good laugh.”

According to Bock, tickets are almost sold out.

“I hope we have a huge showing of students at this performance, no matter which political party you support. There is always a fresh way to view every issue, and ‘Capitol Steps’ will entertain and inform,” Donnelly said.

“Capitol Steps” will perform at Plaza del Sol Performance Hall at 8p.m. on Feb.13. For more information, visit