Infographic: CSUN Admission

Ralph Prator was the founding president of what is now known as CSUN, has a fountain in his honor located by Bayramian Hall. Photo credit: Victoria Becerril/ Senior staff Photo credit: File Photo/The Sundial

CSUN’s 46 percent admission rate has allowed several students the opportunity to get an education near the bustling city of L.A., but how many admitted are male versus female?

According to Admissions and Records, CSUN receives approximately 29,000 applicants with around 13,000 acceptances. Over half of these acceptances are female; a little over 2,000 females to the male acceptance rate.

Of the 13,000 acceptances, there are 36,164 undergraduate and graduate students in attendance to CSUN.

With impaction as an underlying issue, CSUN’s undergraduate enrollment will see a one percent decrease in the next four years, which equates to approximately 300 students, starting in Fall of 2016, according to CSUN’s impaction.