Will’s Words of Wisdom: Figure it out, boys and girls

William Herbe

President Obama addressed the nation in his first State of the Union speech  last Wednesday. I anticipated another moving speech by the current champion of oratory and public grace. I heard the man talk; now I’m waiting for results.

It’s been more than a year since his inauguration and campaign for hope and change, but not much has changed. In fact the only thing that has changed is the heated rivalry between our nation’s two parties. Second only to “Jersey Shore,” the rivalry and bickering between the Democrats and Republicans has become the most popular reality show on television.

I believe Obama’s words are genuine and heartfelt. I don’t think for a minute that he’s bluffing or hypnotizing the weak. He is a man of integrity and hope. But will any of the things he said last Wednesday get done? It certainly begins and ends with Obama, but the root of America’s current problem is the friction between Democrats and Republicans.

The health care bill is on the brink of disintegration on the Senate floor. Democrats support his stimulus, but the GOP doesn’t. Republicans think Obama is full of it while Democrats think he is the ultimate unifier.

The reality is their division is more hurtful than ever. Both parties are attacking each other and rejecting reforms across the board. It feels like a simple case of who will back down first. A good-old-fashioned stand off is happening right now in Washington D.C. and the public, the American people who deserve better are suffering most.

The way the two parties were acting at the State of the Union looked like a room filled with Yankees and Red Sox fans. But what I don’t get is why there are sides for either team when there should be support for the entire sport.

That’s an analogy my friends and Obama is up there representing America, not the Democrats or the Republicans.

If the two parties don’t pass health care reform sooner than later, the economy may never fully recover. If it’s passed it will become a key element to recovery and bi-partisanship.

The longer the parties continue their childish antics and grudges over power, the longer they will be denying progress. It’s time to grow up and make bipartisan decisions that are in the best interest of all Americans, not just a political party.

It’s time for the boys and girls on Capitol Hill to figure it out.

As college students, Angelenos and Americans I advise each and every one of us to educate and communicate with regards to the current state of our country and government. Our generation is going to be impacted severely by what happens now and in the future regarding this global crisis.

If we acknowledge our neighbors, and discuss our problems and opposing views we will find answers. We can show America that Los Angeles is able to work out problems and be the model for change.