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Healthcare to be given to California’s undocumented immigrants

Julienne Shih / Illustrator

Kimiya Manoochehri

October 30, 2015

California passed a bill which will allow undocumented immigrants to join the Obamacare heath coverage plan. If signed into law, this bill will make California the first state to permit these immigrants to buy health insurance – a right not granted to them in the original unveiling of the Affordable C...

Single-payer health care system is needed to insure all Americans

Illustration by Julie Salvaterria/Contributor

Steven Maiken

February 10, 2014

Canadians don’t drop dead or delay care due to the lack of health insurance. However in America, thousands will continue to face death according to Harvard researchers. About 25 million people will still not have insurance under Obamacare. Those that do, have seen their rates rise and contrary to the promise that “you ...

New assembly bill proposes removal of healthcare caps

New assembly bill proposes removal of healthcare caps

Megan Diskin

March 24, 2013

CLARIFICATION: The following quote has been changed to reflect the CSU wanting to provide access to education for students, not just healthcare. “Our main mission is to provide access to students. Whether or not you have health care or not, we want to provide higher education,” said Stephanie Th...

‘Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare’ is compelling and educational

Sigournee Grondin

September 24, 2012

CSUN held a free screening of Sundance documentary, “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare.” The screening took place on September 19 and students filled the USU Theater. Although most students attended for extra credit for a class, I imagine almost all of them took something a...

Family-planning program aimed at low income students

Nikki Erinakis

February 15, 2011

Family Planning Access Care Treatment, a state administered program, now offers family planning services at the Klotz Student Health Center for low income students. The Family PACT program at CSUN provides students with free or low cost services. Students who are enrolled in the program can gain con...

Unbridled greed no friend to dire times


April 12, 2010

Antoine Abou-Diwan Contributing reporter In an address to American Society of Newspaper Editors in 1925, President Calvin Coolidge said, “The chief business of the Americ an people is business.” This succinct statement defined America’s strengths for decades.  Unfortunately, the idea be...

Common Sense: If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it’s free

Harrison Leonard

March 22, 2010

Harrison Leonard Contributing columnist In 2005, Senate Republicans threatened to employ the “nuclear option,” a crafty procedural rule that would allow the Senate to pass bills without the traditionally required supermajority. Democrats summarily denounced this tactic. Barack Obama said t...

Will’s Words of Wisdom: Figure it out, boys and girls

William Herbe

January 31, 2010

President Obama addressed the nation in his first State of the Union speech  last Wednesday. I anticipated another moving speech by the current champion of oratory and public grace. I heard the man talk; now I’m waiting for results. It’s been more than a year since his inauguration and campaign...

Face the reality that death is a part of life

Pam Tapper

December 7, 2009

If a person is in a hospital or a nursing home, the last two months of life are the most expensive. Medicare paid $50 billion last year for the last two months of patients’ lives, more than the government spent on education or the Department of Homeland Security. It is also estimated that 20 to 30...

President Obama needs to get his priorities straight

William Herbe

October 2, 2009

President Obama is a making a mockery of America’s priorities with his visit to Copenhagen, Denmark today. His visit is for one reason and one reason only, to bring the Olympics to Chicago in 2016. The Olympics are one of the most anticipated and celebrated cultural events in the history of the wor...

Let’s trim the fat. The price of health care could go down if we live a healthier lifestyle

Madeline Wolff 

September 29, 2009

While reading through the Daily Sundial Web site, I came across an article that got me thinking. “Green Paper or Green Thumbs?” is a piece that proposes a solution for obesity, at least on our campus. What caught my eye, however, were the staggering statistics cited and it led me to do some of m...

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