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Music therapy major follows her calling

A female musician in a black dress hold a guitar

A child of divorce, 21-year-old music therapy major Crystal Waters recalls her earliest childhood memories of having to move back and forth between her mom and dad and feeling like the peacekeeper of her family.

As a young teenager, Waters decided to live with her mom, and during this time her mother was between jobs and had no permanent address for them to call home. Waters and her mother were essentially homeless, and slept on the floor of her grandmother’s house for a year until she and her mother moved to a desolate apartment in San Diego where the two shared a room.

Despite these unfortunate circumstances Waters never lost hope, and was determined to make her dreams come true. Waters has dedicated her time, focus and love of learning into music therapy where she hopes she can use her passion for music to provide comfort and care for others who need it.

A young woman who has been through hell and back has successfully come out on the other side to see the light, and cherish all the positivity and joy that life and other people have to offer. Fast forward to today and she is pursuing the work she loves and hopes to one day put her knowledge and passion for music into doing good for others.


Twenty-one-year-old CSUN music therapy student Crystal Waters poses inside the Photo Lab of Manzanita Hall on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018. Photo credit: Roberto Cisneros


Waters (center) and a few fellow choir girls watch a guitar performance on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2018. Photo credit: Roberto Cisneros


Waters shares a look at her bedroom and her schedule for the semester. She shares that handwriting and organizing her schedule into 5-minute increments help her to stay focused. Photo credit: Roberto Cisneros


Up close and personal with Waters and her schedule. On Mondays, Waters has a packed schedule with her lab and women’s chorale. Photo credit: Roberto Cisneros


All black, all the time — Waters shares her closet and showcases her wardrobe, which only consists of black clothing. Waters says that not having to worry about clothes and styling helps her to focus on her music as well. Photo credit: Roberto Cisneros


Insider her apartment off campus, Waters focuses on new music she has to practice for class on Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018. Photo credit: Roberto Cisneros


Waters shares her love and passion for music by playing one of her favorite pieces in between getting work done for her classes. Photo credit: Roberto Cisneros

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