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Staff editorial: Seniors: Last Call to Get Involved

Even though graduation is months away, it is never too early to start preparing for such a transformative event. Graduation is a time of celebration and it is also bittersweet. For all of those that will be graduating in May, the next couple of months will be both st

ressful and exciting.

For all those students who have many years left to complete their degrees, they can learn from the mistakes and successes of their peers. Our school has experienced one

of its most difficult academic years, with budget cuts, faculty furloughs and increases in tuition and fees. The forecast for the coming years is rather grim; the state school system that has given countless students access to a quality and affordable education does not seem able to support itself much longer.

For the students who will remain at CSUN or plan to attend, this is truly a time of action. As the standard way of doing things no longer applies, the CSUN community has the opportunity to effect positive change.

As graduating seniors prepare to leave in May, they must make sure to leave their school better than when they entered it. Whether that means starting a club, volunteering their time or helping organize a protest or petition to help save classes, it is the obligation of every single member of CSUN’s community to ensure that we do not stay stagnant in a time of hardship.

A university must teach more than what is in textbooks, it must also teach students life skills and expose them to new ways of thinking. As students, and faculty, we must lobby for better and more cutting edge programs and classes.

For all soon-to-be graduates, this time of year is a time for reflection. Looking back at the years spent at CSUN hold many memories for students, some of regrets, others of ac


So many of the rules and standards that we have at school were drafted by students and administration that came before us. We no longer know their names but their impact on our school is felt. With all the students in Associated Students, working for the University Student Union, the various student run media and the countless groups and organizations that work hard to establish precedents for future students, our school is made better.

As most seniors are hesitant to graduate from school into the unknown, and the unemployment numbers do nothing to ease fears, they should also be excited for a new chapter in their lives.

There is still time to use the resources we have on campus to help figure out what that next step in life will be. Make sure to go to the Career Center to find out how to improve your resumes, what jobs are available out there, whether joining an organization such as Peace Corps is for you, or visit with your major’s department or adviser to explore graduate school options.

Graduating seniors still have time to get involved and help leave a mark at school. It is never too late to start participating in something that interests you.

As we prepare to close this chapter, we welcome your stories about the last couple of months of senior year. Tell us what your hopes and fears are and share your stories with your peers. E-mail and your story could appear in print.

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