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  • September 23BREAKING: CSU Board of Trustees announce Fresno State president Joseph I. Castro as next CSU chancellor
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Staff editorial: The internet, is it a privilege or human right?

Illustration by Raymond Bacsal/Contributor

Daily Sundial

March 26, 2014

There’s no denying that in this day and age, technology has taken over a considerable portion of our lives. Aside from cellphones, the most prominent technology to have hit our generation is the Internet. Now information, news and even people are literally a google search away. Back in 2011, the United Nations...

If one person isn’t free, then none of us are

If one person isn’t free, then none of us are

Asher Silberman

February 3, 2014

What an all-American Weekend – National Freedom Day on Saturday and the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Besides the first weekend in February, these two events share something else in common - slavery.  While you and I were buying beer for the game and pre-ordering our Wingstop, thousands of people, some of th...

Smoking ban: Valid or Infringement?

Smoking ban: Valid or Infringement?

Nicole Socala

January 22, 2014

Bring in the change for better health and air Change is coming in 2014. Like wildfire that spreads faster than cancer cells, this will be the year that many CSU campuses plan to take a step in the right direction and ban all tobacco products on campus. California State University Fullerton (CSUF...

Staff Editorial: voting in the city election, the easiest part of your school day

Daily Sundial

March 3, 2013

One in six registered voters will likely cast a ballot in the city election Tuesday. That’s less than 18 percent of Angelenos who will choose the new mayor, city attorney, city controller and other high offices of public service. And while we hope more people will step up to the plate this time arou...

Staff Editorial: Turbulent history leads to comment policy change

Staff Editorial: Turbulent history leads to comment policy change

Daily Sundial

January 21, 2013

Readers will now only be able to make online comments on articles that state an opinion; which will include all articles written in the opinion page (including this one), reviews made in the Arts & Entertainment section and Sports columns. This is for a slew of reasons, which we will get to in...

Staff editorial: Prop 30 is a catch-22 we don’t want but need

Daily Sundial

November 1, 2012

  On Nov. 6, the Daily Sundial recommends you vote for Proposition 30, the “Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012.” Don’t be too thrilled about it – we’re not. We recognize that desperate times call for desperate measures. If this tax initiative does not p...

Staff editorial: The CSU will vote on three potential additional fees

Staff editorial: The CSU will vote on three potential additional fees

Daily Sundial

September 18, 2012

On Wednesday, the Cal State University board of trustees will vote on a series of resolutions that could raise tuition, including one that would raise tuition up to $372 per-unit for some students. These resolutions include immediate tuition hikes if Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 fails. However,...

Staff Editorial: The consequences of expression in the digital age

Daily Sundial

September 12, 2012

Our generation has grown up on the World Wide Web, where any post on our Facebook page, blogs and personal websites can be swiftly deleted with a click. While this is a perfectly normal practice when managing personal social media, news publications can face ethical and legal consequences and compromise jour...

Staff Editorial: Students need to improve activism for real change

Daily Sundial

August 26, 2012

                                        Many members of the editorial staff at the Daily Sundial have attended CSUN for at least four years. A few of us are graduate students. Like many of ...

Higher education funding left in the hands of voters

Illustration Courtesy of Gabriel Ivan Orendain-Necochea

Raewyn Smith

February 22, 2012

The buzz around campus about the budget cuts, and how they are affecting students, is getting pretty loud, especially with the release of Gov. Jerry Brown's 2012-13 budget plan, which irresponsibly leaves funding for higher education in the hands of voters. If voters do not pass Proposition 98, wh...

Staff Editorial: Matador statue? Sure, why not


October 10, 2010

It’s well understood that CSUN is not going to win any awards for “school spirit.” There is a serious lack of university loyalty around here, which is easily diagnosed but not easily cured. So, you can’t blame the Alumni Association and Associated Students for wanting to create a Matador statue...

Editor’s Note

Lilianna Oustinovskaya

May 9, 2010

For our last issue of the academic year, we as a staff have decided to look back and reflect on all that has transpired in the pages of the newspaper and try to capture some of the most important moments. In addition, we have included comments from the web and quotes from students and faculty members...

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