Spring election amendments

Krista Daly

Students will vote on four amendments that may change the A.S. Constitution in the Spring elections this semester.

Two of them were discussed in depth during Tuesday’s A.S. meeting. The first would change the GPA requirements for senators from a 2.0 to a 2.5.

“”For those who can barely maintain a 2.0 grade point average, adding another responsibility, what’s that going to do to their grade point average?” Senator Alex Samovitz said.

One of the senators against the amendment was Austin Ysais.

“How can we say we advocate for students when we won’t let them be on the board?” he said. “I do not feel comfortable with that.”

A.S. President Abel Pacheco said he wants senators to bring themselves to a higher standard and raise the bar.

“I think the standard is not that far of a stretch,” Senator Guyon McCormick said.

The second amendment students will vote on will be the possible removal of At-Large Senate seats, which would remove a total of four seats from the senate.

The At-Large Senators have too broad of a constituency to be effective on the level that students deserve. The amendment would increase accountability and motivation of the senate by increasing competition for seats.

The proposed third amendment and fourth amendments are clarifications.