New transit subsidy program

Krista Daly

The Associated Students (A.S.) internal affairs reported on a new program that was introduced July, 2009 that offered a subsidy on 10-day and monthly public transit passes.

This program gives $20 for each student using MTA, AVTA, and Metrolink services.

The internal affairs committee sent out a survey of nine questions, which asked about 30 students who use the program how they heard about it and what they found most positive and other related information.

The benefits of the transit passes are numerous according to the report.  Students will save hundreds of dollars on transportation, as well as allowing them to save on gas and parking passes.  It also saves time on the road to study or sleep, which removes the stress of early morning commuting.

Another great benefit is for the environment that encourages students to use mass transit. It also serves an example for environmentally friendly programs to come.

But the major problem is that funding is already running out.  Once April and May come around, the transit program may not have the funds to provide the service anymore.

The committee encourages the board to provide sufficient funding to keep the program going.