MPSF Semifinals: Waves take third set, lead 2-1

Alonso Tacanga

The Waves took the third set behind Paul Carroll’s seven kills. Pepperdine didn’t trail and CSUN now trails 2-1. The Matadors must win the next set to keep their season alive.

Pepperdine wins 30-26: The Waves led from beginning to end and won the set with relative ease to put the Matadors a set away from saying good bye to the 2009 season.

Pepperdine leads 29-26: The Waves took a timeout. I can’t really hear what their coach is saying, but it’s got to be something along the lines of “don’t screw this up.”

Pepperdine leads 29-25: I’m no volleyball coach, but I’d like to see Jacek Ratajczak kill it more.

Pepperdine leads 27-23: And a 3-1 run has the Matadors within four of Pepperdine. Not exactly what you call a tight affair in the last points, but a run is a run.

Pepperdine leads 26-20: All kills are going down for Pepperdine. CSUN answers with points of their own, but its defense is letting it down. No way can the Matadors come back in this set.

Pepperdine leads 22-16: The Matadors keep fighting, but look tired. This set looks like it’s in the bag for the Waves.

Pepperdine leads 17-12: The Matadors really look out of it. Can the timeout coach Jeff Campbell just called help them snap out of it?

Pepperdine leads 16-12: About four CSUN fans walked in about 10 minutes ago (they’re actually CSUN athletes) and haven’t left Paul Carroll alone. One of them keeps yelling the same chant, questioning the All-American’s sexual preference. Carroll has responded by keeping to add to his kill total. He has 21 so far.

Pepperdine leads 12-9: Tanner Nua back in the game for Theo Edwards. The Matadors have to make some ground. Unfortunately for them, their blocking isn’t their best tonight.

Pepperdine leads 9-5: The Matadors really don’t want this to get away from them this early.

Pepperdine leads 3-2: The Waves with the early advantage.