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A.S. funds night of culture

Officers from the club Filipino American Student Association (FASA), ask the Senate for support for their Filipino Culture Night during Tuesday’s meeting. The President and Vice President spoke to the senate about the importance of the event to not only the CSUN community but FASA’s alumni who would be traveling from the Philippines to see the show. (Christianna Triolo / Staff Photographer)

A.S. allocated $3,000 to the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) for the 25th annual show of Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN).
Members of the board discussed Tuesday whether or not to allocate funds to this club and others.

“The only reason is because during the last semesters they received a substantial amount of money,” Senator Tonantzin Oble said. “We overlook that we give out more every year. As a senate, we need to be more wise because our budget is not getting bigger.”

The unassigned contingency account, where the money for clubs and organizations comes from, has about $20,000 left now, according to A.S. Vice President Conor Lansdale.

“I’m in complete support of it,” Lansdale said. “Most of the last funds go to graduation events and we still have $18,000 in academically related funds. It’s just knowing which ones (clubs and organizations) to fund.”

Senator Austin Ysais said during the meeting that he feels all these programs are important to campus and that the funds will go to good use.

“Pilipino Cultural Night is a theatrical performance with a script provided by all FASA members,” said Shaun Remigio, FASA president.
The event has been held previously to promote the Filipino culture and to make CSUN more aware of it as well as the community, Remigio said.

This year, the event will be held Saturday, April 3 at 7 p.m. in the Performance Hall, Remigio said. He said he is hoping to be able to put on two shows if FASA can receive the funds for it.

Remigio added that the script was voted upon by the members to choose which ones they wanted to perform.

Remigio would not give out too much of what the script was about this year to “make it a surprise for the audience.” However, he did say the script deals with the issues Filipino people face today.

FASA will try to showcase how to find one’s identity, especially being Filipino-American, Remigio said.

“This club has been part of our campus since 1982,” said Jon Fuller, FASA vice president.

“I’m kind of excited so many alumni have called and wanted to help,” Remigio said. “They’re curious to know what traditions they were doing that are still going on.”

The very first alumni reunion will be held before the show this year, Remigio said. Between 60 to 80 people are expected to come from the 80s. It is uncertain how many alumni from other years will come out, Remigio said.

Remigio said that even the daughter of one of the board members who first started the club, will be attending this year.

During the past years, the show has been held in the Northridge Center, Remigio said. He added that it was always packed to where there were people standing in the back.

This year, Remigio said he expects the same results in an even smaller room. He said he is expecting there to be about 700 to 800 attendees.

FASA has been promoting the show all throughout California, said Camille Ramirez, Pilipino Cultural Night Coordinator during open forum.

Most of the promotion is through other schools and word of mouth, Remigio said. Schools like UCLA, USC and Cal State Fullerton who have Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) help support FASA the same way FASA helps them out.

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