No money for the Performance West Fringe Festival

Krista Daly

During open forum during Tuesday’s Associated Students (A.S.) meeting was filled with students asking for A.S. support for the Performance West Fringe Festival, is a performance festival for students and faculty as is stated on their Web site.

CSUN has been asked to host the festival April 8-11.  They decided to have the event off campus at the x-Repertory Theater in Downtown Los Angeles.

The only problem is that all the regular funding has gone to the Mess America event held last semester and there are no more funds for the festival.

They came to A.S. to ask for funding, but being an off-campus program, A.S. can’t give them funds.

“It sounds like a worthy cause, but from what I understand they’re non-recognized at CSUN,” Vice President Conor Lansdale said.

He added that CSUN students could get funds from the IRA (Instructional Related Activities) fund.

One of the performance ensemble students said what better way to spend money than to give CSUN national attention?

This is a great opportunity to get the campus widely recognized as a great performing arts place, another performance ensemble student said.

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