Coming Up

Jacky Guerrero

I want to update our readers on some of the bigger themes our blog will be following this semester. We, that is Jacky and Katherine agreed to follow four specific topics related to the economy. We are still discussing the fourth topic, but here are the three we will shortly have available on this blog.

First, we will focus on student budgeting. We will have some important tips on how to balance your budget and leave college without being in serious debt. We will have more information on this topic in mid-October. Second, we will investigate what influence the economic downturn has on students who are just leaving college with an MBA or other business degree. We want to hear what these people’s hopes and fears are now that many respective employers are failing or taken over by the government. After that, we will be looking into the impact of the proposed state budget cuts on student enrollment. Stay tuned for these stories. Katherine