CSUN offers assistance to encourage students safety


Venessa Munoz

College students have enough on their plates to worry about. Safety at school should not be one of them. CSUN’s Department of Public Safety offers a variety of free and low cost services to encourage students to feel safe and secure in their school environment.

Christina Villalobos, the Special Assistant to the Chief of Police, says personal property theft is the number one crime on campus. With this said, the STOP program {Security Tracking of Office Property) offers students a STOP security plate for their laptops which helps increase their chances of recovery if ever lost or stolen.

Villalobos explains that the best way to prevent crime from happening is “Not let the opportunity to arise in the first place.” Leaving your possessions unattended, leaving your dorm or car unlocked are just some examples of what students should avoid.

Another useful service offered is the Matador Patrol in which students get escorted to and from their car, buildings, dorms, etc. especially during non-daylight hours.

As college students, we may not have the best of cars but no need to worry because the Amber Light Program can assist if your car needs a jumpstart or can help if you have locked yourself out of your car.

CSUN’s campus has various blue light phone call boxes as well as TTY call boxes to be used for police, medical or fire emergencies too.

The Department of Public Safety also offers workshops such as The Basic Residential Workshop, Rape Aggression Defense, and Aerosol Defense for Citizens and with services like these students can feel confident that their academic community is not one to reckon with.

For more information about the CSUN’s Department of Public Safety visit www-admn.csun.edu/police

The following are helpful numbers for the Department of Public Safety:

24-hour Non-Emergency: (818) 677-2111

Matador Patrol: (818) 677-4997

Personal Safety Escorts: (818) 677-5042/5048

Parking Division: (818) 677-2157

Lost and Found: (818) 677-3946

Emergency Management: (818) 677-5973

Office of the Chief of Police: (818) 677-2201