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Academic advising: the secret to a timely graduation

dprPassing courses is no longer the key element in earning a college degree as academic advisement plays a significant role in undergraduate students’ journey towards graduation at California State University, Northridge.

Frequent academic advisement, including a complete analysis of students’ Degree Progress Reports, help students reach their academic and professional goals as well as facilitate timely graduation.

“Students need to learn to do school successfully and during academic advisement they will learn how to do that,” said Maureen Rubin, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Through academic advisement, students learn to read and understand their individualized Degree Progress Report.  This report allows students to visually recognize sections and courses they need to complete in order to graduate and avoid taking unnecessary courses that could result in spending needless time and money.

“Academic advisement was very helpful to me.  I learned how to read my progress report and know what classes to take,” said Stephanie Perez, full-time sophomore student at CSUN.

Students are encouraged to seek academic advisement with each new semester in order to stay current and informed of any policy changes that could affect their academic goals.  Although students are alerted of policy changes through the CSUN Portal, they will have the opportunity to relate the policies to their individual needs during the advisement.

“Advisement was especially helpful for me, not only what classes to take but how to register in classes,” said Karen Aguilar, a sophomore psychology major at CSUN.

Amongst many other benefits, academic advisement helps students accept the responsibilities of campus membership and learn ways to enhance academic success.  Most importantly, advisement gives each student a sense of responsibility needed to succeed in the future as active members of their communities.

To better assist students in their academic path, advisors from every college at CSUN are currently working together to create a student guide to advisement.

“The most common phrase we hear from students is ‘Nobody told me’,” said Rubin.

The Guide is designed to create a smooth transition for students entering CSUN as it thoroughly explains what is required from students and what information they should expect to receive during academic advisement.

In addition, the guide thoroughly walks the students through every step that needs to be completed in order to successfully earn a college degree in a timely manner. This process begins when students enter CSUN and continues through their senior year.

Referrals and contact information to faculty and staff advisors in very major offered at CSUN is also easily accessible through the student guide.

The student guide is scheduled for publication in Fall 2009.

“All students have to do is read, follow the four year plan, and they will be successful,” said Rubin.

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