Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN brings folklorico dance to the community

Geraldine Marquez

The Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN is a 13-year-long veteran group who is being brought to CSUN by the Chicano/a Studies Department. The ballet is scheduled for performance at 6 pm on Saturday, May 1st at Birmingham Community Charter High School.

Cindy Padilla, Chair of the Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN, evaluator at the Tseng College and graduate student of the Chicano/a Studies Department, said this group has been around for almost 40 years.

“Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN was founded in 1970 when CSUN was San Fernando Valley State College and continues to be an active part of the Chicana/o Studies department at CSUN. Through our 40 years of existence on the CSUN campus our community-based student dance organization has been very active, performing and educating the San Fernando Valley community about the rich and diverse Mexican culture through folkloric dance,” said Padilla.

As part of the Chicana/o Studies department we take pride in continuing to represent folkloristas and their dedication to this art form of Mexican dance, she said.

Padilla added that what the CSUN community should know about the Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN is that the organization alone takes about a year from start to end which includes fundraising for the scholarships that are awarded the day of the show to CSUN and incoming freshman; show and attire costs.

“Students and community members can expect to see theater, live mariachi, norteno and huapango music, floreo de reata and folklorico performances from the states of Jalisco, San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas Norte and Baja California. The theme of our 7th annual Folklor de Mexico music and dance concert is “Celebrating 40 years of Mexican Dance, Culture and Education at CSUN,” which is in commemoration of Ballet Folklorico Aztlan’s Alumni, the Chicana/o Studies department and our 40 years of existence on the CSUN campus,” Padilla said.

The Chicano/a Studies Department and the College of Humanities and Associated Students sponsor these events.

“Our goal is to inspire students and community to continue this wonderful art form of folklorico dance for the next 40 years and to give back to their communities by inspiring students and community to support shows like ours and cultural arts, theatre, music, folklorico dance programs and organizations in their communities,” said Padilla.