Film students invited to Moviefest grand finale

Film students invited to Moviefest grand finale

Venessa Munoz

Lights, Camera, Action! CSUN film students Michael O’Connor and Ross Sauriol have been invited to the boulevard of stars to take part in the 2009 Campus MovieFest International Grand Finale at Paramount.

Not ever imagining their short film would get this much attention, these young men are excited and grateful about the success of their work. O’Connor and Sauriol produced their short film in two days and say that time and daylight was a bit of a challenge but working under pressure has paid off for the young filmmakers.

O’Connor and Sauriol explained how interpretations of their film vary by viewers but O’Connor says the original idea for the film was influenced by a trip he took to Yosemite and some fruit. O’Connor explains how while him and his girlfriend strolled through fruit carts in Yosemite, he imagined how amazing it would be plugging in headphones into an apple in which the apple would automatically produce music.

Excited to “watch movies” and “learn a lot,” they are honored to be at an event where they can “hang out” with other fellow filmmakers.

Sauriol and O’Connor say their advice to new aspiring film students is to “make as many films as you can” even if not for school, explaining how one can learn a lot when having control over your work.

When asked about plans for the future after CSUN, Sauriol, who also writes films, quickly says “Get rich,” while O’Connor does not want to get famous but just wants “enough money to have a house.”

As the young filmmakers remain humble and shocked by their success, friends and family are excited and very proud of them, especially Sauriol’s grandmother, their biggest fan. “She asks me for the links,” Sauriol says of his grandma, and “she shares it with all her friends.”