Obama to the rescue!!! Or so he says.

Obama to the rescue!!! Or so he says.

Jacky Guerrero

So, just before I was about to apply for welfare Obama came in for the rescue…hehe just kidding!

Recently, our president-elect had one of his fireside chats with the nation through YouTube, and the main topic of this chat was his great plan to save the economy by creating an “Economic Recovery Plan” that will create 2.5 million jobs!!!

This “Recovery Plan” entails: rebuilding our infrastructure, improving our schools, and reducing our dependence on oil. We have heard all of these before.

This is supposed to “create millions of jobs by making the single largest new investment in our national infrastructure since the creation of our federal highway system in the 1950’s”

And how much money are we talking about….? Currently there is no price tag on it but according to The New York Times it is supposed to cost somewhere from $400 to $700 billion!

That’s a lot of mullah that we don’t have right now. Either way, if this does pass, it brings hope to 2 million people who have lost their jobs this year alone!