Out of Business: Kmart

Jacky Guerrero

If you have been keeping up with the news, you would have noticed that many big name stores have been going under.

Well, one of those stores happens to be Wal Mart‘s neglected counterpart Kmart! To be honest I am surprised its lasted this long, unlike Circuit City and Mervyns which I believed to be well established companies.

The last time I shopped at a Kmart was probably when I was still a pimply faced-brace-filled teenager. But I figure now is a good time to stop by and see what the sales are like. Seeing as my financial aid has been cut, I have to find ways to make with what I have.

Anyways, some of the sales they are having range from 10%-70% off of selected items.

Digital cameras @ $79.99

Winter apparel @ 70% off

Air rifles @ $34.99

Navigation Systems @ $99.99

Now that the holidays are approaching it wouldn’t be too bad to buy some discounted items for Mom or Dad.

To find a Kmart near you click here.