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Freudian Sip in the Oviatt Library

Students can now get their favorite coffee beverages in the lobby of the Oviatt Library. Tyler Ross /Staff photographer

Students will now get to enjoy their favorite treats from the Freudian Sip while studying in the library without ever having to leave the air conditioned walls of the Oviatt Library.

The University Corporation, which runs most of the eateries on campus, in conjunction with the library has placed a full service coffee cart, which is now currently open, in the lobby of the Oviatt Library.

“We felt it’s a quality of life issue to have coffee and something to munch on in the library,” said Marianne Afifi, associate dean of the library.

A lot of bookstores and libraries have coffee stands and the library wanted to provide this for their students, said Afifi.

Afifi said she hopes students take advantage of it. The decision came after the library brought in vending machines for finals last semester when they were open for 24 hours. The vending machines were successful and led the library to reach out to University Corporation.

The university already had ownership of the cart, which was in operation when Freudian Sip first opened,  said Julia Pullen, Freudian Sip manger.

The coffee cart is not only good for students to have a snack while studying but also for employment. The new Freudian Sip has created five jobs so far and depending on the success, three or four more jobs may be created Pullen said.

The new Freudian Sip opened on Monday, the first day of classes and sales doubled from Monday to Tuesday, Pullen said.

Afifi said they are now relaxing the library’s “no food and drink” policy.

However, students should not use the library as a lunch place and bring in a full lunch. Little snacks and coffee drinks are fine, said Aifi.

Students should know that if they spill it is important to tell someone so that the library can clean it up as soon as possible, Afifi said.

Students can report spills to Library Administration or the Circulation Desk in the lobby.

Hayley Wallis, 21, criminology major, thinks it is a great idea to have access to the Freudian Sip in the library.

“Now I don’t even need to leave the library for a pick-me-up when I’m in the middle of studying,” Wallis said.

Diego Flores, 19, psychology major, thinks the Freudian Sip in the library is a better idea during finals.

The hours are determined by when students will use the coffee cart the most, and if there is more demand for the cart, it is possible they will expand the hours, said Pullen.

During finals, Pullen is still unsure if they will keep the cart open 24 hours like the library, but it will probably be open until at least 1 a.m.

The library has already anticipated the problem of long lines. There are already ropes set up not to cause a disruption in the lobby, said Afifi.

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