Tips: Reduce Your Expenses and/or Seek a Debt Management Counselor

Jacky Guerrero

For Debt Management Counseling call:
Gregorio Alcantar, Financial Aid Counseling
call: 818 677-4085
He is just one of many counselors on campus who can help you with your questions or concerns

Here are a few more tips that will help you reduce your expenses.

  1. Stop using your credit card
  2. Limit your credit cards to one (1)
  3. Reduce cost of utilities, i.e. disconnect your cable TV service
  4. Stop spending for things you don’t really need
  5. Buy in bulk
  6. Don’t shop more than once a week
  7. Treat eating out as a luxury
  8. Pack a lunch and take it to school with you
  9. Carpool with friends
  10. Ask about student discounts
  11. Avoid membership to any expensive health clubs; take advantage of the school’s health club
  12. Avoid or reduce expensive luxury habits
  13. Look for sales and specials when you buy food and clothes
  14. Get a roommate or live at home, if bearable
  15. If you want or think you need something, wait a full 24 hours before you buy it
  16. Open a savings account
  17. Email or chat online instead of using the telephone
  18. Apply for scholarships

Provided by Financial Aid, CSUN