‘Retro Boy’ got modern award

Retro Boy got modern award

Vanessa Padilla

Campus Moviefest is the world’s largest student film festival and this year CTVA student Daniel Lee won best comedy for his movie “Retro Boy.”

Lee wrote the script for the movie and also plays the leading role. The film is about a new kid in town who goes to college for the first time. The world around him is new and modern and he thinks he is still living in the 80’s.

The movie was filmed at CSUN. It took three days to shoot and a full day to edit. “It was a really good opportunity to work with my friends,” said Lee. They were able to capture him roller blading through campus during high traffic times without any trouble.

Lee first became interested in movies when he was in fifth grade when he started watching behind the scenes footage of different movies.

“I wanted to get a job that was as fun as that,” he said.

During the summer Lee has been helping a lot of people out on different projects. He plans to start filming his own movie next week.