Flu vaccine offered to CSUN faculty and staff through Klotz Health Center

Rima Bek

Student nurse Jenifer Lilley vaccinates staff and faculty to help fight the flu virus this season. Photo Credit: Armando Ruiz / Staff Photographer

The Klotz Student Health Center hosted the flu shot clinic at the Oviatt Library’s garden level on Tuesday. Marianne Hudz, manager of professional development and human resources at CSUN, said this is the third year the health center has had the clinic.

“It is a good cooperative effort between human resources and the health center,” said Hudz. “We just try and figure out what services help faculty and staff and try to address it conveniently and affordably.”

Hudz said the flu shot cost was $15 and the clinic is also an opportunity to promote other services offered at the health center,  like eye exams, nutrition counseling, and massage therapy.

Professors, administrators and Physical Plant Management staff members took advantage of the clinic, Hudz added.

“We’re hopeful more faculty and staff will get the shot,” said Mercedes Gallup, student health center administrator. “It’s your personal choice and your own health care.”

Professor Ilene Sutter, who teaches nutrition, attended the clinic to get her flu shot. She said she had taken the flu shot about 10 to 15 times before.

About 15 years ago, Sutter said she had the Beijing Flu (H1N1). She said that while it forced her to take off work for a month, the experience reformed her.

“Anybody who teaches should get the shot because they are handling Scantrons, tests, and pens,” Sutter said. “You need to interact with students, which puts you in a high probability of getting sick and passing it on.”

Students in CSUN’s excelerated program administered the vaccines, Gallop said. A preceptor, who “helps facilitate the learning process,” usually supervised the students, she added.

Gallop said it is important for people, especially those who have had an immune system that has been impared by disease or treatment to educate themselves about the flu and find out what the best options are for them.

“The more people who get it, the more healthy the community is overall,” Gallup said.

While the vaccine does help in preventing the flu, Gallup added that hand washing is still the best prevention for the flu and illness.