Get to know… Vinnie McGhee

Ignacio Marquez

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Redshirt Junior Vinnie McGhee was the Matadors' fifth leading scorer last season. Courtesy of CSUN Media Athletics

Date of birth: October 8, 1989
Place of birth: Oakland, California
Height: 5’11
2009-10 Season Stats: 7.5 pts/game, 1.5 rebounds/game, 81.5 free-throw percentage, 36.7 field goal percentage, 1.8 assists/game and 35.3 three-point percentage in 32 games.
Position: Point/Shooting Guard
Major: Pan-African Studies

Food: Pepperoni pizza
Music: Jay-Z
Movie: “Above the Rim” directed by Jeff Pollack
Song: “Last Call” by Kanye West
Athlete: Chris Paul
Book: “Slam” by Walter Dean Myers
Greatest Difficulty: “The greatest difficulty would have to be the deaths of my friends growing up.”
Greatest Goal Accomplishment: “Winning Freshman of the Year in the Big Sky when I was at Sac State my freshman year.”
Most Embarrassing Moment: “It would have to be checking into a high school game and I forgot my shorts. I pulled off my pants and I was in boxers (laughs).”
Hobbies: Sleeping, shopping and bowling.

Best part of my game: Shooting ability
Part of my game that needs improvement: Defense
Best player I’ve played against so far: “Antonio Kellogg, who went on to play at UConn, and Ayinde Ubaka, who went to Cal.”
Player I pattern my game after: “Chris Paul, Antonio Kellogg, Ayinde Ubaka and Armondo Surratt, who played at Miami and USF.”
Pre-game rituals: “I listen to music, especially Jay-Z. I listen to Jay-Z all day long. I also try to get shots up, do some ball handling and take a nap.”
Superstitions: “Nah, not really. I just try to feel and be clean, stay fresh before each game.”

Team: “To win the Big West Championship, be first place. Also, be No. 1 in defense and rebounding, steals and scoring.”
Individual: “I want to make first team all-league, be conference player of the year and defensive player of the year.”

My first sports: Baseball
Other sports I played while growing up: Soccer and football
When I started playing basketball: “When I was young, but organized, I started when I was in the third grade.
Person I would like to meet: Barack Obama