Four-car collision disrupts traffic

Katie Grayot

Grid locked at the intersection of Nordhoff Street and Etiwanda Avenue after the driver of a Ford Bronco causes a four-car chain reaction collision. Photo Credit: Katie Grayot / Staff Photographer

A four-car crash outside of campus left one injured, three startled and a traffic nightmare at the intersection of Nordhoff Street and Etiwanda Avenue Monday afternoon.

The collision, caused by the driver of an older Ford Bronco truck when he rear-ended a stopped Lexus Sedan, resulted in a domino effect damaging next-in-line drivers of a Nissan Sentra and Honda Accord.  The driver of the Nissan was rushed to the hospital after declaring serious back pains from both the front and back impact.

Multiple tow trucks and one squad car completely blocked the traffic headed East from Nordhoff Street. Drivers attempting to exit from Etiwanda Avenue were required to take side streets around the collision. Given the already heavy traffic during lunchtime from CSUN students, the closure tremendously worsened the situation.

Normally a less accident-prone intersection near campus, on scene Officer Rausch said “speed and inattention to traffic” definitely caused this incident. The driver of the Ford said he crashed at a speed of 25 mph and the police report stated that he had not paid full attention to the signal change resulting in the initial collision.

For the most part, “CSUN student (drivers) are generally very courteous around this area,” Rausch said. “The traffic usually doesn’t permit speeding or reckless driving.”