USC hired basketball coach

Craig Strazzeri

The hopes of CSUN coach Bobby Braswell being hired as the USC head basketball coach ended this weekend, when the Trojans hired Kevin O’Neill.

O’Neill’s latest coaching gig came during the 2007-08 season, when he was named as the interm coach at Arizona when Lute Olsen took a leave of absence.  O’Neill was scheduled to be Olson’s eventual replacement whenever the Hall of Fame coach chose to retired.  Well, it looks like that won’t happen as O’Neill gladly accepted the USC position.

Although Braswell did not end up getting the job, the exposure for the Matadors that comes with him being mentioned is extremely positive.  The men’s basketball program has really become a nationally recognized team this year for several reasons.  Some good and some bad.  With the pending court case for theft charges for three players, making the NCAA Tournament, and now Braswell being considered for a high profile job, the Matadors are becoming more appealing to future recruits.