Get to know… Lynda Morales

Julio Alberto Cruz

Senior Lynda Morales (17), 22, tips the ball over a Pacific player during a match Oct. 29. Oscar Ortega / Contributing Photographer

Get to know… Lynda Morales

Date of birth: May 20, 1988
Place of birth: Glendale, California
Height: 6’ 2’’

Experience: Senior
2009-10 Season Stats: 89 blocks

Position: Middle blocker
Major: FCS Consumer Affairs

Food: Grandmother’s arroz con gandules
Music: Almost everything, including salsa, rock, reggae
Movie: “Avatar” and “The Boondock Saints”
Song: “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias
Athlete: Manu Ginóbili from the San Antonio Spurs
Book: The Twilight Saga

Greatest Difficulty: “Moving to a new high school during senior year.”
Greatest Goal Accomplishment: “Being offered to play professional volleyball in Puerto Rico.”
Most Embarrassing Moment: “I went up for a block and the ball hit my head, pushing my headband off my head.”
Hobbies: Yoga, reading, crocheting

Best part of my game: Blocking
Part of my game that needs improvement: Hitting efficiency
Best player I’ve played against so far: Alix Klineman from Stanford University
Player I pattern my game after: Jennifer Jonis-Tomas
Pre-game rituals: Listening to music, stretching a lot
Superstitions: Before every match, before shaking opponents hands, must touch the corner of the court with her foot
Team: Finish top half of the conference
Individual: Maintain top three in blocking in conference play and break school record in blocks

My first sports: Basketball and track and field
Other sports I played while growing up: Basketball and track and field
When I started playing volleyball: In the sixth grade, but started playing competitively in sophomore year of high school
Person I would like to meet: Kerri Walsh