CSUN’s Bike Collective hosts bicycle repair station

Antoine Abou-Diwan

CSUN's Bike Collective set up a bicycle repair station in Sierra Quad on Tuesday where students stopped by to have the brakes and air of their bicycles checked. Photo Credit: Antoine Abou-Diwan /Staff Reporter

Free tune-ups for students, faculty and staff were offered as CSUN’s Bike Collective set up a bicycle repair station in the Sierra Quad Tuesday afternoon.

Most bikes simply needed to have their brakes adjusted and air added to the tires.

“We think it’s important to have safe biking on campus,” said Hakeem Davis, 22, urban studies major and bike collective organizer. “There are too many bikers on campus not to have representation (for them).”

Jorge Moraga, 22, history and Central American studies major said  it is important to bring awareness to CSUN students and faculty that there is alternate transportation.

Grecia Ramirez, 22, Chicano/a studies major  and  an exchange student from Tucson,  said she uses her bicycle for transportation in the valley and in Tucson.

“It (the valley) is not a bike-friendly city,” she said.

Ramirez commutes by bicycle from Winnetka to CSUN, and said she experiences daily the frustrations of riding a bicycle in the valley.

“Cars get too close,” she said. “I have to get on the sidewalk or find alternate routes to school.”

Ramirez said she is not alone.

“For many people here, biking is their main source of transport,” she said.

Davis said the organization repaired over 25 bikes.

The Bike Collective meets every Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. in the Chicano/a House.