LGBTA hosts 2nd annual ‘DRAGsquerade’ show

Dedee Verdin

Daniel Guerrero, during his rendition of Dr. Frankenfurter of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” performed during the 2nd annual “DRAGsquerade” show held at the USU theater. Photo Credit: Dedee Verdin / Staff Photographer

“DRAGsquerade,” a production that flowed with high energy from talented CSUN students, transformed the USU Theater into a grand showcase Friday night.

Sponsored by the LGBTA club at CSUN, the show was filled with a variety of singing and dancing acts which included an ode to Christina Aguilera, “Wicked,” the “Rocky Horror Picture show,” Alanis Morisette, and Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg, all done in true drag fashion.

CSUN dance crew Fasmode returned to perform for the event this year. Dana Charlot, Fasmode’s director, said she fully supports the significance of the event and for individuals seeking acceptance.

“Meeting everyone and watching everyone’s talent and bonding with people you don’t normally see on campus is important,” said Charlot, 18, kinesiology major. “Be yourself because you are not doing anyone any favors by lying.”

Positive gender expression and celebration was the tone of the evening, which was dedicated to the memories of the lives lost as a result of anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

“In honor of Transgender Day, we wanted to have a celebration, not a memorial,” said Karlee Johnson, 22, vice president of LGBTA and the show’s coordinator. “We want people to see that drag kings, queens and transgendered people are not freaks.”

Jordan “Seacrest” Lunsford, host of the show, is no stranger to facing adversity, admitting he was teased in grade and middle school.

“I broke down, built myself back up and I am a lot stronger now,” said the graphic design major, 22. “In the world, you create your own space and you have a voice. You can never let anyone take that away from you.”

The momentum is already building for future “DRAGsquerade” shows as the LGBTA club gears up to grow the production.

“More attendance, more performers,” Johnson said. “I want each year to get better and make people more aware.”

During the event, refreshments and raffle tickets were sold to raise money for the LGBTA club. Some of the prizes included lap dances with LGBTA members, hula hoop lessons and a personal photo shoot by the CSUN Photo Club.