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A.S. gives money for the completion of a Torah

Students of the CHABAD (left to right) Jessica Krotin, 23 psychology major, Sandra Bram, 19, communications major and Tiffany Alyesh, 20, communications disorder major spoke to AS requesting money for Torah completion. Photo Credit: Tyler Ross / Staff Photographer

CHABAD, a Jewish student-run organization at CSUN, received a $2,000 allocation from A.S. for the completion of a Torah, a scroll that has the five books of Moses handwritten on parchment paper.

Jessica Krotin, 23, psychology major, addressed Senate members Tuesday during A.S. open forum and said it would be an honor for A.S. to provide money toward the completion of the Torah.

“The Torah represents the soul of Judaism,” Krotin said. “A.S. represents the students on campus, so them giving us money makes the Torah a part of CSUN.”

She also invited A.S. to attend a special event that takes place on Nov. 28 where a scribe would complete the Torah by hand on campus, ending a year-and-a-half long process that started in Israel.

Krotin said thanks to a generous donation given by a CSUN student’s father, the organization was able to have a chosen scribe in Israel begin the process of writing the Torah.

“His donation was the financial trigger for us to start this journey,” said Sandra Bram, 19, communications major..

Tiffany Alyesh, 20, communication disorder major, said the organization is happy to have a Torah on campus because the average cost is around $65,000. She added everything in CHABAD is surrounded by the Torah and it is something that would be around for everyone in the years to come.

“The CHABAD was missing one thing, the Torah,” Alyesh said. “It is a major honor to have it because not everyone can afford it.”

She added that once the Torah is completed, it would be displayed in arc hand carved out of wood in the CHABAD house located on Zelzah Avenue and Prairie Street.

“Anyone who wants to come and see it can,” Alyesh said. “It will be around forever.”

Senator Jordan Lopez said he supported funding the organization.

“I think A.S. supporting a religious group shows the diversity that CSUN has on campus,” Lopez said.

Bram added it was a huge honor for A.S. to be a part of the completion of the Torah and the celebration. She said the Torah was the missing piece on campus.

“It’s my soul, my spirit,” the sophomore said. “I have never been to Israel physically, but having the Torah come from Israel to campus, I’ve been there spiritually.”

Conor Lansdale, A.S. president, said the funding given  was to the organization for the Torah completion and the event on Sunday.

Although Krotin said the event was for all CSUN students and faculty to get everyone involved on campus.

“You don’t have to be Jewish to come celebrate this event,” Krotin said.

Students attending the event can find out ways to donate to the completion of the Torah online.

Alyesh said the Shabbat takes place from Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset to relax, pray, and be thankful for what you have and your family.

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