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A.S. president looks to put a mobile kiosk in the Oviatt

A.S. President Conor Lansdale discusses with senators about having a mobile information kiosk in the Oviatt Library during the A.S. meeting Tuesday in the Grand Salon. Photo Credit: Paul Kingsley / Photo Editor

A.S. President Conor Lansdale wants to put a kiosk in the Oviatt Library to serve as a connection between A.S. and the library and to expose students to issues and leadership.

Although the project has not been formally funded, approved or implemented, senators provided Lansdale feedback during the A.S. meeting Tuesday.

“This is one of the pet projects I took on to get A.S. more involved with different colleges and the library,” said Lansdale, who has been working on the project since the summer.

The mobile kiosk could highlight certain colleges or specific areas of study, and additional information related to A.S. discussion topics, as well as, books pertaining to leadership and leaders, Lansdale added.

He said the kiosk would probably cost $2,000 and would be funded through the Capital Improvements account, a reserve account only used for purchasing fixed assets and building renovations that are not eligible for clubs and organizations, Lansdale said. He later added everyone in the library seemed to like the idea.

Senator Jordan Lopez was concerned with the kiosk’s price and asked whether there would be a way to get a cheaper shelf.

“The wood is of high quality to be around for decades,” Lansdale said. “It is made of thick oak wood and we want to keep the aesthetics of it. The cost is kind of fixed because there are not a lot of vendors that make library furniture.”

Some of the questions brought up by the senators had to do with the aesthetics of the kiosk and its placement in the library.

Senator Jonathan Polus said he thought the kiosk would be a great idea since the library is like the central hub on campus.

In terms of placement for the kiosk, Lansdale and Polus said the first floor would be ideal, while Senator Ryan Melander had another suggestion.

“We should have it close to the Freudian (Sip) kiosk on the first floor because students can see it while they order,” Melander said.

However, having a kiosk with books located in a library was the concern of Senator Melinda Hambrick, while Senator Janessa Kelley suggested the kiosk be made more visible.

“Maybe we should have a red backdrop (on the shelves) to stand out,” Kelley said.

Lansdale said he wanted to open the dialogue between senators about having the kiosk in the library, which is why he brought it up at the meeting.

CSUN Flag Football team and the NCCS National Flag Football Championship

Pending appropriate status with the Matador Involvement Center (MIC), A.S. voted to allocate $2,000 to the CSUN flag football team for an upcoming trip to College Station, Texas for the NCCS National Flag Football championship game.

Senior Joshua Morton, 22, captain, said without A.S. funding, the team would have been unable to attend the National Tournament taking place Jan. 4 to Jan. 6, 2011.

“We just came back from Arizona playing in the 2010 NIRSA Flag Football tournament and we had to pay out of pocket,” said Morton, sociology major. “With hotel, registration, food and gas, we had to pay around $1,400.”

Senator Amanda Flavin said funding the team was a great way for CSUN to show pride.

“I think this is a great way to show the flag football team our appreciation for them participating in one of our programs,” Flavin said.

Junior Nico Van Slyke, 21, captain, said with a team record of 6-1, and a ranking of No. 1 in California, No. 2 in the West Region after a recent loss by one point against New Mexico in the NIRSA tournament, and No. 16 in the Nationals, there is no doubt that they will win in Texas.

“We combined the best players of my team, the Horn Frogs, and Joshua’s team, the Titans, and played in the tournaments,” said Slyke, kinesiology major. “I can tell you that we are going to win.”

Morton said Slyke and team member Keenan Tolson received the All-Tournament Players honor in the NIRSA tournament. He added the MIC had questions about their paperwork, but thinks it would be resolved in a week to receive the funding from A.S.

“We just want to represent CSUN well,” Morton said.

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