State of the Union address doesn’t address climate change

Aimee Lastrella

I was, like the millions of you out there, glued to my television set during the State of the Union address earlier this week.

But there was something missing from President Obama’s speech. There was a word that he refrained from using and that word was climate. It was as if not mentioning it made it not a problem we are facing as a nation or brushes it under the rug with all the other problems we have turned our back on in the past.

Numerous sources noticed the vanishing C-word such as The New York Times and the LA Times.

But the President did mention initiatives toward clean energy and cleaner transportation, which did gain the attention of many environmentalists. According to ClimateWire, “Obama unveiled a plan to promote renewable energies from sources like wind and the sun by slashing $4 billion annually in government subsidies to oil and gas companies.”

But many have taken notice to Obama’s definition of “clean.” This is only because that most nature-enthusiasts believe that nuclear power, natural gas and “clean coal” aren’t that clean. Well, that’s because they aren’t!

As for Obama’s plans for a high-speed rail, a six-year plan to fix roads, bridges and transit plus the creation of a National Infrastructure Bank, all I have to say is that I’ll believe it when I see it. For someone who doesn’t mention climate change in his State of the Union Address, I really don’t think that this the environment is at the top of your priorities.

I voted for you. You are my president and I support you. But you kind of let me and the environment down with this one.