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Daily Sundial

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Eco-Valentine’s Day ideas

Love don’t cost a thing and it shouldn’t cost the environment either.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and before you go and kill some flowers and purchase non-fairtrade chocolates, I think you should rethink your love situation.

I’m a girl. So I know, I am kind of lucky when it comes to the holiday because there isn’t that much pressure to woo someone with compliments, surprises, chocolates and flowers. I’m fortunate to be the one that gets to be showered with love, attention and thoughtfulness. But before you go and be all lovey-dovey to your valentines, how about you show some love to your mother- mother earth, that is.

You can be the great valentine you want to be and still be eco-friendly, all you need really is time, knowledge and creativity.


When the option really isn’t there and you don’t want to seem too creepy by giving and actual gift, but you still want to give something, I advise two things when it comes to cards. E-card is always the best eco-friendly option. You basically have an unlimited amount of space to write and usually they are pre-designed and created with the perfect message if you don’t feel that you’re all that great with words.

But if that doesn’t seem that personal enough for you, you can always make your own card. I just encourage the use and creativity of recycled materials. This project might be a little pricey, but then again it may be worth it.

Flowers and Chocolates

For the valentine’s day newbie or for the non-couple situation, the traditional flowers and chocolates are acceptable. But the green twist to this packaged deal would be to be to purchase potted-flowers and fairtrade chocolates. Fairtrade meaning that the chocolate company that created this heavenly sweet treat support sustainable agriculture and healthy communities. Being a fairtrade product also means that it is free from pesticides and the process in creating the product was conscious of the environment.

I know you might be thinking, potted flowers? really? To me flowers are flowers. I rather have the flowers I receive to be alive in a week, versus the two-dozen long stem ones you paid a lot of cash for that wilt, shrivel and die. Plus, potted flowers gives her the chance to plant them in her own yard to help save the planet.

A fair-trade chocolate I love would be Divine Chocolates (it’s orgasmic), but if you can’t go fair trade the least that you can do is go for organic chocolate and I highly recommend Equal Exchange. I love their chocolate bars, dried berries and nuts, organic hot cocoa and so much more. (And if you enter the code: gochocolatelove, you’ll get free shipping!)


Instead of killing the environment with driving from car exhaust, why not take the time and prepare a meal for your loved one. It really isn’t that difficult, all you have to do is whip out a cookbook and stop by your grocery store, or better yet a farmer’s market, and make your valentine a meal made with love. You can also take your dining experience to another romantic level by making it mobile and turning it into a picnic to the beach or park. Just remember to pick up your trash and recycle.

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