H&M asks for forgiveness by debuting Conscious Collection for Spring 2011

Aimee Lastrella

I’m sorry, the inner broke college student meets fashionista loves the retailer H&M, but the inner tree-hugger is not too fond of the brand.

I’m not that forgiving when it comes to second, third and fourth chances. H&M, I love your prices and your fashions, but I do not love your practices.

In the past year, the retailer has made news by being accused of destroying new clothing by the New York Times, using sweatshops (side note: an H&M sweatshop caught fire and killed 21 of its workers, reports The Independent) and falsely labeling clothing as organic (thanks to an independent study found that they were using genetically modified cotton, said in Ecotextile News). Not only have they made news, but they also have made environmentalists very upset.

In hopes to turn a new leaf  during the new year, H&M plans on releasing a completely white Conscious Collection for spring 2011.

The line features affordable eco-friendly apparel that ranges from a white vest at $9.95 to a flouncy dresses at $59.50. The clothing isn’t just for women though, it features men’s and children’s apparel as well, with numerous T-shirts, tops, shorts and pants for the season.

The Conscious Collection is made of eco-friendly materials, like organic cotton and linen, recycled polyester and tencel. For those who don’t know what tencel is, it’s a silk-like fabric made from the cellulose in wood pulp. I know it sounds awkward but it is super soft, man-made and super eco-friendly.

Most of the pieces in the spring collection are minimalist simplistic pieces that could fit into anyone’s closet. After all, the collection is completely white.

H&M says that the Conscious Collection will be semi-permanent line in their chain stores, debuting multiple lines throughout the year, but it makes it debut in stores in April.

I applaud their efforts in trying to correct their wrongs, but come on- I’m more of a three strikes and you’re out kind of girl.

I can’t keep forgiving you H&M, this is your last chance. Please, don’t disappoint me or my wallet.