CSUN’s Klotz Student Health Center expanding to new location

Samantha Tata

Yolanda Reid Chassiakos, director of the Klotz Student Health Center, speaks to the Board of Directors concerning the proposal for a new wellness center during Monday's meeting. The Board of Directors voted to approve the use of the location of the current Fitness Center as a wellness center when the Student Recreation Center is completed. Chassiakos stressed that students are the priority of the wellness center. Photo Credit: Tessie Navarro / Staff Photographer

The University Student Union Board of Directors allocated the soon-to-be vacant fitness center’s space to a wellness center, the satellite facility of the Klotz Student Health Center’s Wellness Center.

Yolanda Reid Chassiakos, director of the Klotz Student Health Center said some of the center’s services will be transferred to the new location.

“We will be moving a significant number of our wellness services to the new facility,” she said. “This will allow us to grow our services, learning and internship opportunities.”

CSUN students will be able to use the wellness center as a personal and professional resource.

The wellness center would open one year after the new student recreation center is operational. It will provide health services such as physical therapy, chiropractics, acupuncture, sports medicine and nutrition education in addition to educational services like internships, research and hands-on training.

The wellness center will also offer educational opportunities, said Louis Rubino, health science professor and senior faculty affiliate with the Institute for Community Health and Well-Being.

“Students who are undecided (about their majors) will be able to explore various careers,” he said.

The creation of a health center satellite will grant students the opportunity to study directly with health professionals and translate that training into practice, Reid Chassiakos said.

“The new space lets us expand our doctors and nurse practitioners,” Reid Chassiakos said.

Budget and staff requirements for the project, which is supported by student and academic affairs, were initially uncertain. They can now be evaluated in light of Monday’s approval, Rubino said.