Simple tips to finance travel abroad

Nikki Erinakis

Students can gain an overall cultural experience by traveling abroad. There is the potential to meet new people, gain new interests and learn about a new community. Traveling abroad can be expensive for students who do not have a stable income, but there are ways for students to alleviate the costs.

The CSUN international abroad website provides financial resources that students can utilize. If students receive financial aid on campus, they can use their aid abroad. Students attending universities abroad will be able to pay the same fees if they are at CSUN.

The study abroad program also provides students with scholarship information. There are scholarships that are specifically designed to pay for a student’s study abroad experience. Students can use any potential scholarship money to help fund their abroad experience.

Students do not have to depend on the study abroad program to be able to receive a cost efficient experience. STA Travel is one of the best-known travel agencies dedicated to students. They offer resources such as listings for cost effective hostels, insurance plans, buses, trains, and phone services. Some of these services provide student discounts.

The website also provides cost effective alternatives to simple travel packages. Students can be pointed to services such as working abroad, volunteering abroad or interning abroad. If students choose to work abroad, the options are less than glamorous, although they will be provided with a small income while traveling. Students can find jobs as au pairs in Europe, which are caretakers for children. Another option is teaching English abroad in Latin America.

Students can also expand their learning experience by volunteering abroad. Although it still cost money to students, usually the volunteer options are all-inclusive prices. STA Travel provides options such as volunteering at sea turtle conservation efforts in Costa Rica or helping the community in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Students always need to research the country they choose to visit. After all this will probably be a new travel experience for students, and looking for deals to help finance their adventures is a must.